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For Click & Collect orders, we will email you once your order is ready for collection.

Manna Foxtail Millet (Thinai)


Foxtail Millet



During polishing, the most nutritious parts of the grain - bran and the germ are removed. The bran is rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins and the germ are rich in good fat and other micronutrients.  When polished, the only part that remains is the starchy endosperm, which is primarily rich in carbohydrates and devoid of nutrients. Therefore, the cereal grain loses its nutritive value!


Over the last couple of decades, we have moved to eating more and more refined/polished versions of our cereals – be it rice, wheat and in fact even millets.  Few decades back people ate more millets than rice. Now modern science is rediscovering the health promoting properties of millets in managing diabetes and reducing cholesterol levels.


So now we see many brands of millets in the market and numerous products made of millets – grains, flours, cookies, breakfast mixes.


But did you know the best way of eating millet is in its unpolished grain form?  Unfortunately, when millets are polished or powdered their health promoting properties dramatically reduce!


Most grain products available are the polished versions, stripped of their health benefits!   Manna have sourced millets to ensure that it reaches your table in its pristine form. The Manna range of millets are unpolished to give your family the maximum nutritional benefits.

  • Gluten free
  • 2 times more dietary fibre than white rice
  • 6 times more magnesium than white rice
  • 3 times more iron than white rice
  • Protein – building and maintaining of body tissues, Immunity
  • Dietary Fibre – satiety, keeps the digestive system happy
  • Iron – stamina and healthy blood production
  • Zinc - growth and immunity
  • Calcium and phosphorus – healthy bones
  • Magnesium – for normal nerve and muscle function
  • Thiamine B1 – helps the body in energy metabolism/helps the body to use energy well
  • Folate – healthy blood production