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For Click & Collect orders, we will email you once your order is ready for collection.

For Click & Collect orders, we will email you once your order is ready for collection.

About Us


We are a bunch of idiots with a dream: to curate and provide a basket of Indian grocery and food that appeals to the foodie, the cook and the desire for great tasting ingredients in all of us.

We don’t want to just sell Indian food but also the notion that a store selling Indian food can be world class. We keep trying to improve and, in the process, make thousands of errors and fumbles. Learning from each of them we keep improving.

We started in 2014 with a small shop and 794 products and now we have more than 3500 products and all sorts of interesting plans. All of these additions came from customers’ requests, recommendations and advice.

We cater to those for whom quality is important and therefore work extremely hard to source only those brands that we would use in our homes and for our families. We shop where you do.

We can’t say we are the oldest or the biggest or the most known, we also aren’t focused on South Indian or North Indian products. We are THE INDIAN SHOP, and our objective is to represent Indian food in all its diverse and wonderful flavours and tastes. Our sourcing is only from reputable firms who are either brand owners or authorised distributors of brands.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Our pricing online and in the shop are the same.
  2. We are the only organisation in this segment to do so.
  3. We don’t charge Internet prices and then offer “free” delivery. Compare our prices with any other online service you will notice the differential.
  4. We don’t do sales after increasing prices.
  5. We pass on any benefit that we get to our customer.
  6. Our sales choices are made based on one question- ‘Would we buy this at this price?” and if we have to think about the answer then the answer is NO and we don’t sell it.
  7. We will offer the best products and the best value.
  8. Our customers are not just for one transaction but for life.
  9. No one works for us we all work with each other.
  10. We strive to live up to our tag line -SIMPLY AUTHENTIC.
  11. Our team will be the owners too not just employees!

So please support us and help us show the world that a small company founded and run by a bunch of immigrants can also be part of the British landscape.